There are deadly diseases that claim the lives of millions of people across the world every year. These diseases are either contracted through infection, or through other methods. They may be more prevalent in some areas, but less in others. They also may affect specific groups of people such as children or adults. What is baffling is that most of this ailments can be prevented. Even with a lot of information out there about

how to keep these diseases at bay, it is surprising that the number of deaths keeps growing every year. Scientists have done a great job when it comes to unearthing important facts about ailments. They also have done comprehensive research to help people know how to avoid them. In fact, most of the information is taught in schools and colleges. However, they still occur. Here are the killer diseases that can be prevented.


gfhgfhgfhfghfghhjPneumonia occurs when the air sucks in the lungs are filled with fluid after a bacterial infection. It is a fatal disease that can kill just a short while after contracting it. According to the World Health Organization, it kills more children aged below five years than any other disease. The bacteria can escalate when conditions are made favorable. But this disease can be avoided especially in children through vaccination. You can also keep the victim warm so that they do not contract the disease, and this will save their lives. If only people knew about this, the many deaths being reported every year would never occur.


The main cause of diarrhea is an infection in the intestinal tract. This infection is caused by a virus, and just like pneumonia, it escalates quite fast. Scientific statistics show that the main reason for this infection is contamination of food and water. If one takes water that has not been tested for safety, diarrhea will be inevitable. The virus leads to a lack of the absorption of water in the food, and this leads to passing of extremely loose stool. The result is that the victim will be dehydrated, and will die because of this. However, why would people get to these extends when they can easily purify water, and take clean well-cooked food?


fddfgdfgdfgdfgdfgIf you do not live in the tropics, you may not know much about Malaria. This is another killer disease that is spread by mosquitoes mainly found in the tropical regions. The female Anopheles mosquito is particularly responsible for this. When a person is infected, the virus spreads to most parts of the body and weakens the immune system. The disease is characterized by sweating, vomiting, chills, and muscle pains. Most organizations and governments have come together to help supply the drugs for treating this disease especially to areas where the most victim cannot afford medication. To prevent malaria, all that you need is to avoid mosquito bites by sleeping under treated mosquito nets.

Other killer diseases that can be prevented include Measles, Meningitis, and HIV. To make sure that people do not continue losing their lives when they can avoid it, it is good to continue educating them about the best way to live a life free from these diseases.

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